Social media marketing in the BVI is the perfect solution for businesses that want to increase their brand visibility on the Internet. Unlike traditional marketing, social media requires only a minimal amount of resources. For a relatively low investment, businesses can reach out to a huge audience.

There are several platforms of social media that businesses should take advantage of. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn should all be included in any business’ social media marketing strategy. Other platforms to consider are Instagram and Pinterest. 

It’s important to be on several social media websites because they all have a different purpose. Furthermore, not all consumers are on every social media website. Some people may have a Facebook page but are still reluctant to join Twitter. A thorough social media marketing strategy will include many platforms to attract as many followers as possible. 

That being said, social media marketing shouldn’t be the only platform you invest in. Some businesses make the mistake of basing their entire digital marketing strategy on social media. 

The reality is that social media falls short in some areas. It doesn’t have as good of an ROI as email marketing and it won’t solve all of your SEO problems. 

A recent Entrepreneur article talks about the pros and cons of social media marketing. The article warns against investing all of your resources in social media:  

“Putting all your eggs in one basket is recipe for disaster. Social media marketing should be one part of a unique, and diverse marketing strategy. If that part of the strategy starts to decrease, you pivot instead of feeling the effects financially. Successful entrepreneurs are trendsetters, not followers of what used to work.”

Your best bet is to make social media a cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. Just remember that social media revolves around your entire digital marketing strategy, not the other way around. 

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