Visit the website once, see the ads forever…

Remarketing is an online marketing technique, which aims at displaying ads to the people who have visited your website (simple). A remarketing tag is placed on your website (invisible to the customer). When the page is loaded, the customer is tagged and can be marketed to throughout the AdSense network. Any website that uses Google ads will display your ads to your customer. The customer will see your ads a lot, even on Youtube videos, news, weather forecast, everywhere…

Remarketing Example: Tortola Express

The remarketing has been placed. A multi stream online strategy, based on Facebook paid ads was deployed, with 30-50 new customers tagged every day. See above for examples of the website and ads placed on different websites.


What do I need to start my remarketing campaign?

The steps are following:

1. Identify the need

2. Plan how to attract potential customers to your website

3. Place remarketing tag

4. Monitor the AdWords campaign and adjust bids

5. Analyze the progress and rethink strategy.


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