The first measure of success online, is web traffic.

The first benchmark of web site performance is by the amount of traffic you’re getting, organically. By organic traffic, we mean you have spent little or no effort on increasing web traffic to your web site. You haven’t invested in an advanced SEO strategy or and haven’t paid for any clicks (PPC) from search engines or social media platforms .

If you have significant traffic growth and are not putting effort into it, your are a unicorn. You should immediately find out how to monetise your traffic, by either capturing leads, placing ads or selling products on your site and take a long vacation because you have figured out a formula that a big corporation will spend millions on every month. The scale is different but still, it’s an achievement. 

The amount of business from your website is proportional to the amount of people that see it. This means if more people visit your site, you’ll get more opportunities to acquire a client or a make a sale. That is, if your have systems into place to capture information on the people who are interested in your product (aka Lead Generation).


Your service is either local (BVI flowers) or global (BVI Company registration). Based on this, we can target relevant traffic and deliver it for conversion.


What have we done for our clients:

  • Increase traffic 3x month/month, while improving quality of traffic (measured in pages viewed)
  • Get an average of 1 company to be potentially registered in the BVI per day
  • Dominate the competitive “bvi …” keyword client needed
  • Create online presence resulting in 30,000 viewed pages (monthly)
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