2014 was a year filled with varying graphic design trends: photography-based designs, more animation, and a scrutinized focus on typography. As web design trends became more geared towards mobile usage, so do graphics: together, web and graphic design trends resemble a general desire for intuitive user experience.


Now, let’s explore some of today’s most prominent graphic design trends.


1. Photography-based Designs

Photography has a much more notable place in graphic design right now, as many designs are based entirely on large photographs. Today, graphic designers are creating posters, ads, and landing pages with text and shapes over large photographs – creating a sense of lifestyle and authenticity.  


2. Textured Fonts

As designs became more minimal this year, there was a larger emphasis on typography – where, interestingly, textured fonts received some limelight as well. Font texture gives graphic designers a new element to play with when conveying a company’s brand identity, bringing designs to a whole new level.  


3. More Motion Graphics

Because of the influence of social media, engagement with users has become a more prevalent goal for many graphic designers. This being said, motion graphics and videos are being more used in ads, landing pages, and blogs. Airbnb, for example, uses video for their background, and Yahoo! launched Yahoo Motion Ads this year, which combines brand images with animation. AriZona Beverage Company, moreover, also use motion graphics on their home page. 


4. Flat Design Still Going Strong

Flat design has been a popular trend for a few years, and since then, it has only been used more. Flat design’s minimal look works well with today’s mobile-first web design trends that aim for clean looks and usability. From icons to full-screen backgrounds, graphic vectors have been dropping drop shadows, gradients, and texture in favor of simple shapes and colors.


A an example of flat design is Gazebo Shop’s “A Guide to Classic Cars on the Big Screen” page.


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